queer wedding story

i’m queer, i’m getting married. this is our story.

About May 3, 2007

This website is for anyone who is planning a wedding that doesn’t fit into the package that Martha Stewart, your mother or any of the books at Chapters say you should. Mine is a queer wedding, yours may be too. If it’s not, no matter, you may end up finding information here that will make yours the best party anyone’s ever seen.

This came out of my own experience; I felt that I needed a place to share stories and tears as well as a place to assure others that they weren’t alone. The beginning of this planning has been lonely and difficult and now I plan to write as much of it down as possible. I want to create the website that I keep looking for and the one that I simply can’t find.

My journey towards a wedding is documented here. These are my words and my pictures, I hope that finding them will bring you joy.


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