queer wedding story

i’m queer, i’m getting married. this is our story.

New Beginnings May 3, 2007

Filed under: family,me — Misslissa @ 2:45 pm

It appears from the posts that I’ve taken some time off, and I suppose that’s true. I had been documenting my experiences in a word file and I just got around to uploading everything today.

So, here we go. It’s May and many things are changing. We’re getting the apartment ready to sell which has thrown it into a constant state of chaos. I can’t imagine it being tidy enough for an open house, I can’t see the top of the kitchen table and one of the counters is outside on the porch! Renovations are tedious (but oh so worth it).

I’m trying to get into school and found out on Monday that I’m on a wait list. This is no end of frustrating, but I’m trying to roll with it. I was told that last year everyone on the list was accepted. Let’s hope that’s going to happen again, shall we?

My brother and his wife had a baby on Tuesday May 1st. Welcome to the world Felix! It’s mad here, but I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Your dad approaches the world laughing with his whole heart and your maman is so full of love. You’ve got it made.

But the wedding? Well, we haven’t done much about it in the past few months. I keep wanting to buy shoes, but we don’t have a date yet so that feels premature. I fall in love with invitations and venues but we’ve got nothing confirmed and I have to pull away. We’re going to see Ariel read from her book tomorrow night. Maybe that will help with the inspiration we need?


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